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"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming"

Pablo Neruda

Some say we are in a funding winter, but it's still spring time in India.

Formalized in 2021, Full Stack Capital has invested in some of the most exciting founders and startups. It is our belief, that businesses founded during COVID19 have an unfair advantage to scale and succeed.

We identify and invest in these war-time founders. For us, finding founders before others so is our IP. We want to be the first believers. We want to brag.    

We have invested in over 25 companies. Most of them are making huge dents in their target markets. And some are, well, heading towards being unicorn(s).

We also incubated Apna Desh Apna Mask during COVID19 Wave I and Covid Citizens at the peak of Wave II. You could say we believe in doing the right things - when they need to be done.


Internet of Bharat

800M+ internet users. That's 90% of the target population* on the internet already! Cheapest data rates in the world. Not just mobile-first but mobile-only. Jio Smartphone launched. 5G about to happen. 

This is where we come in. We follow the tailwinds. We have been building our thesis while travelling across Bharat for over 6 years via Digital Desh

We get it. 

And thus, 50% of our focus is 'inception'. That is, we distill the white spaces' and ensure FMF (Founder Market Fit), including identifying future founders and making them reach PMF. 

Some of our things we are currently excited about are in: Blockchain, Micro-SaaS, Citizen Services, Micro & Small Businesses, SaaS of India Stack, Apps for Jio Smartphone, Tech for Senior Citizens, Yoga Box, Gig Economy & many others. 

*25% of India is 0-14 years of age; 6% above 65 years

Build for/from Bharat

India has the global potential. Bharat has the India Stack. We love both. And then markets like small businesses, local services, citizen services. You get the idea. 

D2C = Digitally Distributed

Any product sold online or digitally has an unfair advantage of building deep customer engagement. Without the overheads. We likey.

SaaS for Everything

Vertical & Micro SaaS is going to change industries, disrupt revenue & margins. We want to make this happen.

Deep Tech

Most of us are deep tech founders. Like we still code (e.g. we built this site ourselves). We have formal degrees in AI/ML! And many of us code. Still.

We Are On Our Way.

The Portfolio. 
Across direct, personal, syndicates, co-investments, inbound, outbound, even Twitter. Whatever it takes. 




Lets Do This.

If you have been a founder once, just ping us. 75% there!


If you want to be a founder, get ready with your team + product + deck + business model and ping us. 



Years of Experience





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